The Kid.

This bird was not spotted by me. I was wandering in my Society’s Garden. There were only gardeners present there. It was a sunny afternoon, I saw a gardener’s kid staring at a tree. I asked him what was he looking at and he pointed at this bird. His eyes were watery and was squinting because of the harsh sunlight. He was small, around 5-6 years old with torn clothes and no footwear. I was wondering how he could be bearing the heated up floor beneath him. He pointed at my camera and told to take a picture of the bird and show him. He was the first child who told me to click a picture of not himself but of something else. I clicked this picture, showed it to him and then went ahead to take his picture. But he refused and ran away to his mom. He kind of represented the younger me then. I was the same. Very shy.


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