I was gazing out from my terrace as usual.  I stand and stare at my surroundings for as
long as it takes for me to consume it.  This boy was staring at the kids playing down or at nothing at times.  He seemed quite lonely and sad to me.  He was looking back into the house from time to time. First I thought his mother must have shouted at him and so he might have got angry.  He must be looking back to check if his mother was coming to comfort him.  But nobody came. 
        After a while,  I could hear a man and woman talking loudly, the voices coming right from the flat where the boy stood. I figured then that his parents were probably quarreling over something.  Funny how the parents don’t care about what their children might be thinking about situations like this.  They spoil the excitement,  happiness which the child had before they start quarreling over their issues.  Due to this, the child will start compressing his feelings and won’t share it with his parents.  Eventually,  the bond between a child and his parents will be lost. 
         The boy stood there for about 30-35 minutes.


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