Children’s Day

I was preaching the children of the slum around my area back in 2014 with the help of The Faza Foundation. They used to organize classes for these children. On 14th November,2014 , Children’s Day, we decided to organize a program where the children would perform dances and sing. It was an overwhelming day. The children were not perfect but everyone adored their performance, just how a mother adores her child when he makes the letter “d” instead of the letter “b”.
     Most importantly, the children enjoyed enjoyed it very much. It could be seen on their faces. Right now, they are on their summer vacations but whenever I am going to buy some grocery down the alley next to my society, I would always be welcomed by at least one of the children’s bright and shy smile. They would call out to me “Didi!” (Hindi term for notifying a sister) and try and speak in English with me.


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