Holi- The festival of Colours.


Holi is one of the merry festivals in India.  This festival is loved by everyone –  children especially. The festival is celebrated for two days.  At the first night of the festival,  people gather around the fire to worship it.  It is said that an evil woman,  Holika ,  convinced her nephew,  Prahalda to enter into the bonfire with her.  Holika had worn a shawl which prevented her from getting burned while Prahalda was not covered.  Luckily,  the shawl encased Prahalda instead of Holika and hence she burned to death.  This was a reminder to people that good wins over evil.  The next day the people apply the ash on the forehead, this modernized and people started applying colourful powder on people.  This was also significant as people applied the colours on each other defying their status,  whether they were poor or rich or women or men,  it didn’t matter. 


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