Dont go on the looks of it! – 2

This picture of a mother and baby monkey was taken in Shimla, another beautiful hill station of India. Early morning, I would be woken up by the chaos which was occurring outside my hotel, in its garden. The source of the chaos were the monkeys. These monkeys are extra friendly with people. So even if you are spotted by them, they will follow you until you give them something. And if they aren’t patient enough, they will snatch something which is on you, like the purse or hat or sunglasses and they won’t give it back. It has happened with my dad. We were on our way to the Hanuman Temple, climbing the huge, wide steps. And in a quarter of a second, a monkey leaped from behind my dad and snatched his reading glasses from his shirt’s chest pocket. For fifteen minutes we were following the monkey, requesting it to return it and offered it food instead. We were truly entertainment for the people there. The monkey would scowl and run away every time any of us tried approaching it.
       So in conclusion, I would like to say that though they might be looking appealing to your eyes, they can be cunning and sly to the same extent as their beauty.


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