An experience in Shimla.


    Shimla was truly beautiful.  Although people come here to witness the mesmerising snowfall, we came here way to early. God,  how I wished it would snow then.  All I ended up seeing was the frosts. But nevertheless,  I went back with some amazing memories. We were on our way to tata paani,  a place along the river Satluj ,  when the driver recommended us to stop at the edge of the road(as it was a ghat)  and admire the above scene.  Gotta say,  we were lucky to have him as our driver. 


   The scene at Tata Paani was surreal(Always wanted to use that word).  The water was shining due to the warm sun rays. It was as if someone had thrown away her diamonds into the river. This was also the first time I encountered hot springs(kind of). You can see the vapours on the banks of the river in the picture above. There was hot, boiling water at one place and just few inches apart,  there was cold and ice water. It was magical for me…Until I came to know the science behind it that it is so because of the presence of extra sulphur in such places.  I’d rather consider It magical. 
       People were taking a bath in small round puddles of hot water.  I was also pretty surprised to see few old women half naked,  enjoying the hot bath there.  I decided to wash my hands and face too.  As I kept my feet in the puddle,  I jumped.  It was so hot!  There were bubbles rising in the water.  I know it might be sounding like not a big deal for most of you,  but the water was boiling literally. 

                                        All in all,  it was a great experience. As always.


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