Kerala, God’s own country.


Sorry, the quality isn’t that good. As you can see the date, it was back in 2012 when I didn’t have the current camera.

Kerala is truly beautiful. It is said to be God’s own country(its a state by the way). The backwaters and the coconut trees are the cliché of Kerala. It has its own man-made Island too. Most importantly, it’s green. It’s green everywhere. And I love that.

The food is beyond tasty. Have no word for that. Since it’s situated in the coastal region, sea food is common. And boy, do I love seafood. There is a dish called Kerala paratha which is just so chewy and tasty and delicious.

The state is at the tip of the country(India) and Kanyakumari marks the end of the country in South. Here, there is the Swami Vivekananda temple accompanied by his statue.



This is the point where the three water bodies which surround the country- Arabian sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean meet.
Beautiful place.


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