The story of how He got his head


Gods have favourite colours too. Lord Ganesha is said to like red. Of all the Gods and their background stories, I like his story. When I was small, I was very curious about how he got his elephant head. People told me various stories about it and I was thoroughly confused as to which one should I believe. They all seemed unbelievable so is the one which is actually true.

The story is that Ganesha was made by his mother, Parvati. as she wanted someone to guard her while she was bathing. So she made him out of the sand or her own dirt(I.e; the one on her body) , I don’t know for sure. Then her husband, Lord Shiva the destroyer, wanted to visit her, while Ganesha refused to let him in. Shiva, raged, cut off his head and went. When Parvati got to know she requested him to make him come to life again. So Shiva spotted an elephant, took off his head and placed it instead of Ganesha’s original head. And that’s how he got it.

If you’d like a contrary and more sensible theory, read the Nagas series by Amish Tripati. Very interesting book.


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