Pench Tiger Reserve.

DSCN8837 DSCN8855

I knew I entered the forest when I heard the loud shrilly sounds of the cicadas. It is really hot here.

We are staying in a very unique resort,  the ‘TRIBAL Camp Resort’. And by ‘tribal’, they literally mean tribal. The rooms are made out of wood planks and they have done no mercy in keeping the wood properly so as to give a ‘hotel-like feeling’.  There are wide gaps between the planks and you are not even alone in your room all the time, you have the tiny creatures accompanying you. In all,  the resort does give a ‘tribal’  feeling. On the first day itself, I saw many birds including the black capped oriole, golden oriole, the napped woodpecker, Indian roller, Rufus treepie and THE ASIAN PARADISE FLYCATCHER. I finally saw it. Wanted to see it since I was 13. It’s really nice here, except the heat.

I went for a jungle safari this morning in the hope to see the maleficient beast. But alas! Nothing but the prints of its paws. Anyways, I did capture other animals though. Will try to post them when I can.

One disadvantage of being a tribal, there is not supposed to be any need for ‘net connection’  or ‘phone range’.


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