Tadoba Tiger Reserve

We arrived at the Tadoba national park all dizzy due to roller coaster ride we had on the way. Now comparatively, The resort at Pench was ten times better than the one at Tadoba.  The food at Pench was the best food I ever had. They served organic food which was tastier than any five star restaurant’s food.

But, when we went for the safari in Tadoba, we saw the tigress. Her name is Maya. It was not like we entered the forest and we saw strolling by, oh no. We stopped near a water hole waiting for the tiger to arrive because during summers they are more thirsty. We waited for fifteen or so minutes with the small, wet flies covering our bodies. And then she came.


That majestic beautiful creature finally showed up. She went to the other side of the water hole where we couldn’t see because a large piece of land was blocking the view. Then again we waited for her to return back. So we waited with our friendly flies for twenty minutes or so.

DSCN9292And she appeared covered with mud… DSCN9294

Everytime she made an appearance, everybody would gasp and whisper and the rest of them would try and silence them.

Oh, I also saw another rare beast there. Will share in the next blog!


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