The beast.

After spotting Maya the tigress, we were on our way back still searching for any sights of another tiger. And we reached to a point where there were two-three jeeps parked on the middle. That meant that there was some animal there. By the time we reached the place and looked around to find the animal, the man in the next jeep pointed at the beast and whispered to us “There’s a Leopard there!”

And there he was. With the beautiful, smooth and elegant pattern on his body. DSCN9324

MY HANDS WERE SHAKING. Because of its beauty and because he was so close and because it was unbelievable.  There are only twenty five leopards in this huge, vast reserve. What were the chances of me encountering one. And this Leopard roamed around our jeeps for about ten minutes. The driver later told us that’s the longest time anyone has ever seen a Leopard for.



He crossed our pathway too DSCN9362

He was truly beautiful. He was posing and we were clicking his pictures.


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