Conversing helps.


At Tadoba National Park, we went for safaris in search of tigers. The driver of the jeep in which we were going for safaris became a very good friend of us. An advantage to have a very talkative member in the family, who is my dad. He talks and bonds with a random person so easily.

So, on our last day there, we decided to roam in the nearby village in the evening when the driver came by with his jeep. He was on his way to home. He stopped and insisted on coming along with him to his village. But we said to take us halfway till his village. And so we went in his jeep, spotting birds and animals now and then, chatting and clicking pictures. It was very different from the normal safaris. The driver boy(yes,  he seemed like he was in early 20s),  Anis,  showed off his knowledge about the area around Tadoba. He also knew proper names of all the birds and animals.

We finally stopped at this bridge which had this small stream passing under it. It was all so pretty and calm there. And after a while, he dropped us back at the resort where we were staying.


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