The photo I didn’t click.


Me and dad were all set to explore the eerie forest and we’re halfway exploring when my overly terrified and insecure mom told us to come back. My dad was only interested in the rocks there. Various colours and shapes and patterns of rocks. Didn’t know dad was interested in rocks. So we reached at a point and he told me to click his picture. And I was so annoyed because he had asked me so many times to click his pictures and in so many places. So I told him to show his back as he was standing on top of a rock. And he did and I clicked but he wasn’t sure that I did so he insisted on taking another. At this point his back was to me and I saw this scene and I clicked the picture and he thought I clicked his and started saying ‘ok, let’s go.’.  And I just let it slid and went back to where my horrified mom was standing.


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