Behind the scenes of the picture.


Another Web story! Seems to me I have interesting encounters with webs. This one was being made when I noticed it. By the time I came back with my camera the spider had already finished making it. Very bad choice in choosing the location of the web though. I was actually waiting for the elevator to come. It did. The door opened and I was almost entering the elevator when I noticed it right in front of my face . So I went back home to get my camera. After clicking some, I pressed the elevator button. This time it opened and there was a man in it. In front of him, I did limbo and entered the elevator. Talk about being presentable.
Anyway, I came back home at the end of the day and didn’t notice the web.
Of course, why would anybody else limbo their way to save a small web. Or maybe they ran into it. 😆


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