Trek in Himalayas.

I went for a trek in Manali, for 11 days. Got nice,plump boils on my feet and reddened my face with sunburn. Well,it was worth it as this scene says it all;


Every scene was beautiful. I went with this organisation so had loads of company. Trekked for 5 days, with 4 camps as checkpoints. After reaching the camp site after the tiring steep climb, we were welcomed with warm lemon tea. It was pure bliss.DSCN8065.JPG

The camp sites were surreal. The scenes were what I had seen in movies or Fox Life channel. The weather was very rogue. It would rain and be very chilly the next moment and then really burning hot next moment.

See? So erratic

This last camp site was amazing. We didnt feel like leaving it. It was at the highest altitude, having all vibrant colours and very scenic. We felt like spending our lives here.DSCN8334


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