Short Getaway

The contrasts ❤

So for my parents’ 25th Anniversary, we decided to go back to nature. You see where the tree line ends in the above picture? That’s where the place we were staying at was. And behind me was a river sort of thing.


This was the huge room where everyone stayed in. Yep. Totally tribal. It was amazing. There were no insects(except huge ants) probably because it was so windy that their tiny feet weren’t strong enough to hold on to anything.


There were lizards there though. But besides that the room without walls wasn’t a problem. At all.


The soil was red. Like really red. This was backwaters of a dam with the water covering the terrace cultivation area. So it went deep steps wise,keeping us in suspense of when the step will end and we’ll drop down.
Loved the place though, really good for a short getaway from the city’s hustle. Funny how we cherish getaways more than the life we live. Leave you at that thought.



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