Buddhism in Mussoorie.

Mussoorie. Another hill station with the same elements which makes me want to stay there for the rest of my life.

The neighboring Dehradun city can be looked down upon from here. 

The additional element was Buddhism. Now, I am not a religious person but if there was any religion I HAD to follow and if Science was not an option then, it would be this one. I mean I am not saying its perfect, but it has better aims then the rest of the religions.

this is not the temple btw

Even though this was a small temple, I was in total awe . It had a medium sized statue of Buddha inside and few pictures of other Gods or semi-Gods, I don’t know, but it was so colorful!

Pretty Prayer wheels 

There wasn’t anyone there to whom I could ask for the symbolism of everything, except one lady who was talking to a dog(how cool and weird is that?). But she knew only her native language.

I think this is the circle of life? Look at the details though. 


Another reason why I am pulled towards Buddhism is because I’m a hipster who wants peace and love. No, just kidding(maybe), Its because the stories and legends behind it are some things  which you would expect to originate from a fantasy author like George R.R. Martin’s(Game of Thrones author) head. And I fancy fantasy novels, so looking at something which is a piece of fantasy but is actually real is really exciting.

Anyway, the end.

Let’s assume that says “The End”

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