Short Getaway

So for my parents’ 25th Anniversary, we decided to go back to nature. You see where the tree line ends in the above picture? That’s where the place we were staying at was. And behind me was a river sort of thing. This was the huge room where everyone stayed in. Yep. Totally tribal. It […]

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Sheep invasion!

So the last camp site was like on this clear side of mountain. We had just reached and were wandering around when this herd of sheep came running and meh-ing from far end of the mountain. Soon they entered our camp site. There were so many of them! Those who had left their tents open […]

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Trek in Himalayas.

I went for a trek in Manali, for 11 days. Got nice,plump boils on my feet and reddened my face with sunburn. Well,it was worth it as this scene says it all; Every scene was beautiful. I went with this organisation so had loads of company. Trekked for 5 days, with 4 camps as checkpoints. […]

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