Rocky affair with Hampi

Hampi is a town which has the ruins of the Vijayanagar Empire. And goddamn, the ruins were beautiful. It was the biggest Empire then(I guess) after Beijing. So travellers and traders came from Persia and Europe to markets like the one below to buy stuff. There were ruins of markets like after every 3 km. […]

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Devkund Trek

Trek to a waterfall! Devkund lies in the konkan coast of Maharashtra. The trek was around Bhira Dam so there was water almost all along the route we took. I had gone with with my college friends under an organisation formed by few of them. The trek was long,in the sense it was actually long […]

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Mellow beaches

Just beside the busy Alibaug beach in Maharashtra, lies this quaint little beach called Kashid. Finding isolated places in India is rare, let alone the beaches. Gotta be honest, trips with family can be extremely boring. But,it has it’s perks   Well,it isn’t really that isolated of a place but I’ve been to worse where […]

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Buddhism in Mussoorie.

Mussoorie. Another hill station with the same elements which makes me want to stay there for the rest of my life. The additional element was Buddhism. Now, I am not a religious person but if there was any religion I HAD to follow and if Science was not an option then, it would be this […]

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Ganpati Visarjan

It’s that time of the year in India. In Maharashtra actually. The Ganesh Chaturthi Festival. People bidding Lord Ganesha a grand, LOUD farewell after staying at their homes for 10 days. And also celebrating those 10 days with the same excitement. One of those festivals which bring massive festive environment. Every year in my city, […]

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