Doggos of Seattle

You guys, THIS is the main reason why I love Seattle. Dogs. Every-freaking-where. There are more dogs here than little children. And I love that so much. Dogs are the reason for happiness for most of the people who have their 9-5pm jobs here. And even other people. All of the people. In the parks […]

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A Study in Seattle, from India.

Seattle, city of the important industrial companies like Amazon,Google and Microsoft, of evergreen trees, and of all that grunge. It’s been almost 3 weeks since my stay in Seattle now and I have come to love it. Love the people, the environment, the weather, did I mention the people? The people here, in the U.S. […]

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A tribute to Art

Miami, a place to party and lie by the beach amirite? Well, if you knew a nerd like me who happens to get tanned very easily, you’d see them here, amongst the walls of art. I don’t know why Miami isn’t known for this place too. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, It’s Wynwood, a museum of […]

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Bhigwan Wildlife

Flamingos. One of the weird dinosaur leftovers, with a dash of pink. There were lots of them but the guide had said there are more than this usually. This time their perching places were overflown because of excess water. Other than that, they had frog-like calls ,which made me like them less. Anyway, here are […]

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Rocky affair with Hampi

Hampi is a town which has the ruins of the Vijayanagar Empire. And goddamn, the ruins were beautiful. It was the biggest Empire then(I guess) after Beijing. So travellers and traders came from Persia and Europe to markets like the one below to buy stuff. There were ruins of markets like after every 3 km. […]

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